Who We Are

Albayan Online, based in the heart of the UK, is a standout online school dedicated to teaching expatriate children the Arabic language. Starting from the basics, we guide children through increasingly advanced levels, with a teaching approach designed to foster love and enjoyment for Arabic.

Despite our recent start, our innovative curricula and engaging teaching methods have led to significant student improvements and earned parents' trust.

To love the language
And Fun
With Games
Our Journey

Our inception was inspired by parents' desire to connect their children with their roots and religion. We founded Albayan Online School to immerse children in the joy of learning Arabic, help them appreciate the beauty of their language, the Holy Quran, historical insights, Arabic literature, and Islamic morals. Our excellence-driven educational approach led us to collaborate with experienced, native Arabic speaking teachers who are dedicated to supporting children's learning.

From this point, we established Al-Bayan Online School in Britain, to color the lives of children with the joy of learning Arabic, with a pure seed that we plant in their hearts, bringing them closer to their language, the Holy Qur’an, and informing them of the beauty and mysteries of Arab history and literature, and the morals of Islam. And because mastery in education is one of our endeavors, we have cooperated with native Arabic speaking teachers, who have high experience and interest in supporting children.

Our Goal

We aim to teach children various language skills and develop them, such as reading, writing, speaking, listening and expression, starting from the simplest levels, with a gradual progression of skills to mastery.

We are keen to find modern and fun methods in education, to allow each student to command the Arabic language with complete fluency. all within record time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure your child not only learns but enjoys Arabic. We focus on developing fundamental language skills such as reading, writing, speaking, listening, and expression. Our teaching methodology incorporates modern, engaging ways to help students grasp the language effectively and rapidly.

Our Vision

From our inception, we aspired to make Arabic a beloved language for your child, instilling it in their minds and heart. Through fun, advanced teaching methods, we aim to build high values within our students. We strive to achieve this goal using our full capabilities, hoping your child will greatly benefit from our journey together and fulfill their learning aspirations.

If you are looking for a fun and engaging Arabic program for your child, Albayan Online is right here for you!

Our team

Albayan Online comprises highly skilled and experienced individuals dedicated to delivering quality education remotely. Our teachers possess expertise in teaching children, ensuring effective communication and engaging lessons.

D. Khalid Aljamal
D. Omar Alkadri
T. Bayan Sanadiki
T. Asma Alsabouni

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